Our selection criteria is no secret. Here’s how we match you with products!

You've applied to try:: We'll never force you to try products you're not interested in. We will only try to match you with the products you have wanted. 

Your lifestyle: For example, we wouldn’t invite you to a baby food campaign if you don’t have a baby, nor would we think you’d like to chow down on dog food if you don’t have a dog.

Your interests: Have dry skin? We don't want to send you an oil-control product. We ask you survey questions to match you to products that are right for you and the brand. 

Where you live: This is the big one! We work with local brands and established national brands. This means that some brands are only available at participating retailers or in certain geographic regions. You’ll only be accepted into campaigns that are running in your area!

Brand partner goals: Occasionally our brand partners have specific selection criteria when they offer free trials of their product. If so, there might be a couple of quick questions that help us dig deeper into your lifestyle and shopping habits.

Your level of engagement: We’re a social sampling community so we reward engagement. In order to get invited to more campaigns to ensure that you’ve submitted your product reviews to Social Nature. You’ll get priority access to campaigns and be entered to win monthly prizes if you share your review with friends on social media. Remember to tag us @socialnature and use our hashtag #trynatural or #socialnature so we can see and reward your efforts.