If your receipt could not be validated, you should see a reason for why your receipt was rejected on that same page. You’ll also get an email from us letting you know why your receipt was not validated. 

Purchases are not eligible for cash back if any of the following apply: 

  • Product was not purchased a participating store 
  • Receipt is damaged / key information is illegible 
  • Receipt was lost or was forgotten at check-out 
  • Any coupons / discounts were used to make the product free already (ie. free product coupons, gift cards, etc.) 
  • The product was purchased in an online order and a digital receipt was uploaded 
  • The wrong product or product flavor was purchased
  • The product was purchased before you activated your offer
  • The product was purchased after your offer expired
  • The product was purchased, but the Offers are 100% Claimed

Receipt photos need to be bright, clear, and close enough to read the text clearly, with nothing going on in the background. We recommend taking close up photos in bright light. If your receipt is long, you can take multiple photos to show all receipt information top to bottom :)

If your receipt is still rejected after trying to upload a second time, please go to your My Products page and navigate to "Contact Support" for the product(s) you need help with. Our team will get back to you!