Sometimes our samples will be useful for scenarios that don't come up every day. For example, cold/flu, acne, or even a food ingredient you might not use all the time.


If you have received a sample for one such product and are not able to use the product before your review is due, you can visit the My Products page and click 'Contact Support' under that sample. You can then select the option 'I need more time', which lets us know that you aren't able to review right now.

We'll excuse your review for the time being, meaning whenever you do get the chance to try your product in the future, you can come back to the My Products page and select 'Edit Review' to leave your review and share your experience :)


If you are unable to try your sample at all, due to an allergy or change in circumstance, please visit the My Products page and select 'Contact Support'. There you can select 'Lost interest / Won't try product' to let us know you aren't able to try your sample, and we will excuse that review from your account!