There can be several reasons why you’re getting this error message. Please ensure you have entered your phone number correctly, including the country code.

  • Duplicate Accounts - You may have mistakenly created a duplicate account and have used the same number. It’s also possible that a family member, roommate, or friend living at the same address may have used the same phone number.
  • Fraudulent Use - In some cases, a fraudulent user might have used your phone number to create an account without your knowledge.
  • Technical Glitch - There might be a technical issue or a bug in the service's system that's incorrectly flagging your number as already in use.
  • Previous Owner - Your phone number might have been previously owned by someone else who registered it with the service. Phone numbers are often recycled by mobile carriers. In rare cases, you might need to check with your mobile carrier to ensure your number is not being misused or has any unusual activity associated with it.