Depending on where you live and what we are sending, your Social Nature mailer might take 10-15 business days to show up! So give it some time.

If 15 days have passed since you received the shipping notification in your account, please report an issue with your campaign right away! It is rare, however, we have heard accounts of mail being lost in transit.
The same goes for other possible reasons either delaying your review or making it cumbersome to complete:

  • The voucher was not accepted at the store
  • The product was out of stock 
  • The product or voucher you received was damaged
  • The product or voucher has been lost
  • The voucher or sample was stolen
  • You are concerned or have limitations due to COVID-19

Report these issues to prevent your account status from being affected. There are two ways to do so.

You can find an "I need help" button on a review reminder notification: 



You can use the "Report an Issue"  button on the review page of any of your samples:

  1. Log into your Social Nature account
  2. Click on the top-right menu. On a desktop, it will be your name. On mobile, it will be a menu icon.
  3. Click 'My Products'
  4. Click 'Write Review'
  5. Click 'Report Issue' next to the stars on the product's review page 👇


  1. Choose the type of issue you are reporting 
  2. follow the rest of the instructions and we'll take care of the rest for you!